From stray dog to 'sofa dog'

neutered yellow male
date of birth: c.a. 2002
pedigree: no

Jupi's story:

Jupiter - nickname: Jupi - is our adopted dog, we found him in the streets in January, 2004. He was extremely dirty, thin and had a big injury on the head. It was obvious that we could not leave him there so we took him home. We fell in love with him, his sweet nature so we decided to keep him.

Jupi has fit in our family very quickly, he has become like he had always been our dog. But still there is one thing that has remained from his street life: he always still gets frightened when a noisy vehicle passes next to us. He might have been almost hit by cars several times when he lived in the streets. Except this, luckily he is not afraid of anything else.

We found his movement very strange and soon we took him for x-rays of his hips and elbows. Unfortunately our suspicion was right, he has severe hip dysplasia. Because of this we can't take him along for longer walks, since he gets tired soon and doesn't feel good to move. In spite of his illness, luckily he is a very happy and satisfied dog.

Jupi running                 Jupi apport

Jupi is a very sweet boy, always wagging his tail, he has the true happy labrador nature. He always wants to keep something in the mouth, especially when he gets happy over something... It can be either a ball or a simple piece of paper or just anything he can find, he's dancing around with it.

He loves comfort very very much and has his own sofa. But his favourite place for a rest is still our sofa, but mainly when we are also sitting there. Then he falls asleep urgently and we just notice that our place is smaller and smaller as Jupi is extending himself while sleeping ;-)


Jupi and Merry, springtime 2005